Why Choose Machlab

We have our own team of certified designers to support your planning needs.

Our own manufacturing facility produces a wide range of products to offer the best solution for your needs.

Our services and any products we supply comply with current legislation, recommendations, regulations, Codes of Practice and international standards.

Our extensive experience of laboratory installations means that we can advise on what works best for a particular situation. We can help you avoid the pitfalls that can arise and that others may not have encountered.

Against similar specification we are confident that our prices are highly competitive. If we can see a way of achieving a similar but better result we will offer an alternative specification – this may mean that our price is slightly higher than competitors but likewise our specifications will be too.

We take pride in providing our customers with a laboratory design and installation that delivers what they need and continues to do so. We pay close attention to your needs, provide dedicated supervision of your project and an after-sales service that is second to none, which only a longstanding manufacturer such as Machlab can provide.