Design and Build

Our success lies not only with our exceptional pool of talented architects and designers, but also with our specialised teams of engineers and consultants. Thus ensuring that aspects of our works are kept to the highest standards; providing added value and delivering solutions.

The problems our clients meet are often multidimensional. From cost, time and quality assessments to resource planning and process management, we seek to minimize the risks while maximizing the prospects of our clients' projects.

We recognize the important of our clients' projects and work towards maximum satisfaction with our services. Vigorous planning and sound management of projects ensure that deadlines are met, costs are minimized and success is delivered.

Whether it is the design and optimization of an educational laboratory, the renovation and refurbishment of a commercial laboratory or the design and construction of a medical laboratory, we design, build and deliver solutions.

Technical Services

Our technical service is a gateway to a wholesome solution. We anticipate your future needs by connecting you to our experts, with whom you can discuss further to ensure that your needs are at the heart of our longer-term servicing programme.

We will work closely with team in every aspect to create a precise work flow that guarantees your plans are translated into an efficient, operational, quality and safety management.


Our Contracting Division is skilled in dealing with turnkey projects, multidiscipline projects, or projects involving liaison via a third party.

We are used to dealing with main Contractors, specialist subcontractors, architects, project management companies et cetera.

Our team of experts can provide the full spectrum of products and are conversant with all aspects of health & safety documentation, bills of quantities, estimate and budget scheduling, AutoCAD drawings and Operating & Maintenance manuals.

Bespoke Order

In addition to laboratory furniture systems, seating and laboratory equipment, we can design, customize and produce the laboratory furniture for your specific needs while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Our strength lies in our flexible yet stringent quality control. Whether you require additional setups for an existing laboratory or wish to optimize the space usage of a new laboratory, we have the resources and expertise to provide the best bespoke design solutions.

These include custom sizes, materials, accessories, design configurations, additional functions finishing, added mechanical strength or rigidity etc.