Fume Cupboards, Canopy Hoods, Ventilation

We supply fume cupboards, fume hoods and extract/ safety cabinets of various technical specifications and qualities.

Specifying the right fume cupboard or fume extraction equipment appropriate to the users’ needs is essential to safety in the workplace, protection of the environment and meeting health & safety regulations.

The list below gives an indication of the type of equipment we can supply.

Please contact us for more detailed information and advice.

  • Fume Cupboards for industrial or educational use in compliance with EN 14175, ASHRAE 110-1995 and BS 7258
  • Freestanding, bench mounted or mobile fume cupboards
  • General purpose/standard, low level and walk-in fume cupboards
  • Special purpose and recirculating fume cupboards
  • Constant and variable volume fume cupboards
  • Fume Extract Hoods and Canopies; bench or overbench mounted
  • Local exhaust ventilation systems
  • Equipment extract systems
  • Extract/Safety Cabinet including microbiological and laminar flow