Conductive flooring
Commercial flooring – ESD

  • Permanent conductive flooring: 2.5 × 10^4 ~ 10^6 Ω
  • Wear resistant: EN660pt2 < 2.0mm3
  • High durability with 6 degree colour fastness (EN ISO 105-B02)
  • Bacterial resistant: No observed growth (DIN EN ISO 846-A/C)
  • Building safety fire resistant: B1 (DIN4102)


Technical Datasheets Machlab ESD Vinyl Tiles EVT1 – Technical Datasheet
  Machlab ESD Vinyl Tiles EVT1 – Test Reports


Class A, non-shedding ASTM F51/68
Suitable for use in electronics, microelectronics, data center, cleanroom class 4 (ISO 1466-11999)

  • Comply with all ESD control & vinyl materials’ standards
  • Extremely low emissions and outgassing as the right choice for cleanrooms
  • Pore-free surface ensuring the highest hygiene properties
  • Good chemical resistance