ESD Vinyl Sheet EVS 1


Static-dissipative flooring
Commercial flooring – ESD

  • Permanent static-dissipative flooring: 1.0 × 10^6 Ω
  • Slip resistance: R9/DS (DIN51130/EN13893)
  • High durability with 6-degree colour fastness (EN ISO 105-B02)
  • Anti-bacterial: No observed growth (DIN EN ISO 846-A/C)
  • Building safety fire resistant: B1 (DIN4102)
  • Durable homogenous material


Technical Datasheets Machlab ESD Viny Sheet EVS1 – Technical Datasheet


Class A, non-shedding ASTM F51/68
Suitable for use in electronics, microelectronics, data center, cleanroom class 4 (ISO 1466-11999)

  • Comply with all ESD control & vinyl materials’ standards
  • Extremely low emissions and outgassing as the right choice for cleanrooms
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Fast and clean installation

ESD Vinyl Sheet EVS 2

Hygienic Flooring


EVS2 are antistatic (<2 kv), flexible homogeneous floor coverings available in both sheet and tiles form. Calendered and compacted with permanent anti-static properties. They act as continuous disspater 106 ≤ Rt ≤ 108 (EN 1081) and comply with EN 649.


Antistatic vinyl flooring is used to setup a special space, very often in commercial setup, that will be free of static shocks, or zaps. Example of spaces that need ESD Vinyl tiles are clean room, manufacturing & assembly workshops of electronic products, hospitals, data center & computer room.


  • Antistatic and anti-bacterial
  • Able to sustain heavy traffic usage - wear resistant
  • Excellent stain resistance and easy to clean
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Fast and clean installation



Technical Information


The use of any regular application of wax or synthetic floor finish on ESD vinyl sheet is not recommended. The use of any such material will build an insulation film on the surface. This will reduce its effectiveness and affect its performance. The preferred method is dry maintenance method. Spray clean or burnish floor using a rotary buffing machine with appropriate pads and spray buff solution that contains water, alcohol and neutral detergent.

If unable to use dry method, wet maintenance can also be used. In wet maintenance, the floor should be scrubbed with a neutral pH detergent. Do not flood the floor with cleaning solution or rinse water. Use as little water as possible.

Health & Safety

Wet floors are normally more slippery so when cleaning proceed with caution. This awareness is even more important in Health Care applications when protective nylon footwear is worn. Use proper signage and always keep traffic off floors until they are thoroughly dry. Slipping on an improperly maintained floor is not considered the fault of the flooring product.

Further Information

With a wealth of technical experience built up over many years in our pursuit of excellence especially in the protective and flooring technology, contact MACHLAB for further consultation.


Available in standard flooring colours.



Technical Datasheets Machlab ESD Viny Sheet EVS2 – Technical Datasheet