Conductive-dissipative flooring
Industrial flooring – ESD

  • Permanent static-dissipative flooring: 5 × 10^4 ~ 10^8 Ω (BS 2050)
  • Slip resistance: 0.65
  • Compressive strength: 50 N/mm2


Technical Datasheets Machlab ESD Epoxy Floor – Technical Datasheet


Epoxy Resin based
Suitable for use in electronics, ammunition plants, military arsenals, flammable solvent handling areas, powder explosion risk areas and electronics handling areas.

  • Enhances working environment.
  • Provides seamless, easily cleaned surface
  • Eliminates electrostatic discharge from personnel vehicles and equipment
  • Provides protection against both chemical and mechanical attack.
  • Meets the electrical resistance of conducting and antistatic polymeric products. (U.K. BS 2050)